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Mary Baker Eddy asked in Science and Health: “Are we really grateful for the good already received? Then we shall avail ourselves of the blessings we have, and thus be fitted to receive more”. 1 Recently, the thought came to me to express gratitude for the wonderful things I already have. I also know gratitude is necessary and important as we work toward other healings, and it also strengthens our spiritual understanding. One of my favorite hymns is Hymn No. 3 in the Christian Science Hymnal, which begins: “A grateful heart a garden is” (Ethel Wasgatt Dennis).

In March 2007, the spring of my sophomore year of high school, I was riding my bike home from track practice. I had ridden the trail many times, but as I was going down a hill, I hit something and crashed. I don’t remember how I got home, but I woke up in my bed a few hours later. I had somehow put bandages on my scrapes, and the area around my collarbone and shoulder was sore. My dad found me there, and my mom came home soon afterward. I could not answer what day it was, and I was not making much sense. Read More.

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